COVID-19 Memo Center

Thea Bowman House is currently OPEN on a limited basis and taking heavy precautions.

We are open 7am - 5pm on weekdays.

Universal Pre-K

Our pre-kindergarten program is operating on a hybrid schedule. Children attend two half sessions per day for two days per week (either Monday & Tuesday or Thursday & Friday) and participate in distance learning from home on Wednesday to allow for cleaning of our facilities. 

As of Friday, November 20th, our pre-kindergarten program will be fully remote for two weeks to account for increased exposu

School Age Child Care

Our school age program is now providing all-day care and support for school age children with working parents who are distance learning due to school closures and cannot stay home.

Preschool Child Care

Our day care facility at Lafayette St. is open and providing all-day care to a small number of children with working parents.


Is it safe for my child to attend child care? Research currently shows that when proper precautions are taken, the risk of children contracting COVID-19 in child care is low. We are following all regulations and guidelines including rigorous cleaning, mask-wearing of children and adults at all times, social distancing and hand washing procedures, and symptom monitoring.

If my child has allergies or a runny nose, can I send them to child care? We ask that you keep children home if they are feeling ill, even with mild symptoms. If your child suffers from allergies or another condition with symptoms similar to COVID-19, we require a doctor's note to admit your child to our program.


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