Utica Comets Befriend Thea Bowman House

Under the leadership of Rob Esche, the Utica Comets have been visiting our school age children for the past two hockey seasons. They have helped with hopework, sponsored coat drives and had fun playing basketball with the kids. Their SAVE THE DAY foundation was responsible for a substantial playground equipment grant in 2016.

On January 28, 2017 we were honored by the Comets with a very special evening - a fundraiser for our 30th anniversary. The Comets wore newly designed jerseys and helmets for the event. A choir of our youth proudly sang The Star Spangled Banner to start off the game, and our longtime friend and board member, Bill Taft, got to drop the puck. During the two intermissions, some lucky staff members and children got to ride in the Fan Zamboni. The game was so exciting and went into overtime. Our children have truly fallen in love with this wonderfully spirited team, and in February 2017 the Comets received over 200 homemade valentines from their adoring Thea Bowman fans. Go Comets!

Special thanks to Matt Wilsey and his wife Lisa for sponsoring a night that will live forever in our memory. Their dedication to helping children in need is boudless and so is the spirit of this incredible team.

We must also thank our board of directors for helping to organize this event and for providing support throughout.

Darby O'Brien, President

Katherine Poupart, Vice President

Emily Tracy, Secretary

William Ryan, Treasurer

William Taft, ex officio

Michael Brennan

Martha DuMont

Chinua Eaddy

Kumari Regmi

Heather Beebe


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