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Founded on Agape, Unconditional Love.

About Thea Bowman House

Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing environment to enable culturally diverse children and families to achieve their full potential. Thea Bowman House is built on Agape: unconditional love.

Since 1986, our organization has served low-income, at-risk children and families in the Utica community. We provide quality care to some of our community's most vulnerable children and youth in the hope of breaking the cycle of poverty through a structured program of educational and social enrichment.

Who We Serve

Our halls are filled with the miracle that happens when children and families from all parts of our globe come together under one roof to speak the language of love.

Hundreds upon hundreds of children and families have now passed through our doors, each one of them with a unique story.

95% of the children we serve come from households headed by single parents. These families often have to choose between food, clothing, and shelter. Child care can become an unaffordable luxury.


Like Amelia, the cranky 2½ year old toddler, will be soothed by the familiar lyrics of her favorite naptime lullaby. Her exhausted mother has worked double shifts all week to make ends meet and struggles to find time for bedtime rituals with her daughter. 

Lisa, who attends the after school program, receives a high five from the volunteer tutor who helped her solve a difficult math problem.

And Sam, one of a growing number of homeless patrons, who finds a warm parka in just the right size at our food pantry and a bonus blanket and can opener as well.


You can meet our alumni in almost every corner of our city. It is heartwarming to realize that these now grown “children” are bursting to share their memories, their accomplishments and even their wildest dreams. 

Contact Us


Day Care Program


731 Lafayette Street, Utica, New York

Universal Pre-K & After School Programs


309 Genesee Street, Utica, New York

Door on Park Ave

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