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Our Donors & Partners

Thea Bowman House is a United Way organization. We are also supported by our many sponsors, partners, and donors, which allow us to continue to provide our services and fulfill our mission. Donating to Thea Bowman House is one of the most direct ways to improve the lives of at-risk youth in the Utica Community.


If your business would like to help support our mission, please contact Jane Domingue, (315)797-0748 or

Our Board of Directors

Jane Domingue, Executive Director

Sandy Wright, Program Director

Darby O'Brien, President

Michael Brennan, Vice President

Emily Arthur, Secretary

William Taft, Treasurer

Katherine Poupart

Heather Beebe

F. Christopher Giruzzi

William Ryan

Kathryn Flanagan Barefoot

Sharon Kane Zohne

Julius Blackshear, Jr.

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